I was diagnosed with MS in 2017 and thought my cycling career was over. My arms and legs didn’t respond like before and I had indescribable fatigue. I had to change my perspective, goals, expectations. I worked new muscle groups to compensate for loss of balance so I could get back on my bike and compete. I was kind to myself and allowed more recovery. Adaptability became key. I found new ways to push myself as an athlete—and as a human. I went from racing road to finding joy off road. There is no better feeling than riding through epic landscapes on roads less traveled.

TeamCADEX Ambassadors
HometownLafayette, Colorado
Where you live nowNew York, New York
Main cycling disciplinesGravel
What drew you to this type of ridingI love riding off road and gravel riding is such a great way to explore places from a different perspective. You really become more emerged with the natural environment.
Ideal training rideLong climbs with epic views.
How do you push through suffer sessionsI think about my goals.
Favorite place to rideBormio, Italy 
Career highlights (cycling or otherwise)Taking bronze in the Individual TT at a Para World Cup.
What you bring on every ride (besides basic repair tools)Honestly, I am chronically under prepared. Headphones and my phone usually get me through.
Favorite CADEX productThe CADEX 36 wheels and the four spoke front wheel and aero disc rear. Also the CADEX Classics tires are the best. I prefer to race on those rather than race tires.
Tips for aspiring racersStay consistent and have fun!
Life mottoExperiences over things.