CADEX 65 Earns CyclingNews Gear of the Year Award

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

CyclingNews editor Josh Ross selected his favorite new products for an end-of-year “Gear of the Year” feature, and he chose the CADEX 65 Tubeless Disc WheelSystem for his list, naming them “Best Wheels” for 2021.

Ross rode more than 11,000km on his CADEX 65 Tubeless Disc WheelSystem over the last year and wrote “the ride is as good today as the day I first put them on the bike.”
Combining aerodynamic efficiency with an ultralight weight, the CADEX 65 is engineered with hookless carbon rims featuring a 22.4mm inner width that creates a more aero tire shape and a larger contact patch for superior control in variable road conditions. The carbon spokes are assembled using Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology, which improves their stiffness and power transfer.
“The reason I love these wheels is because of how light they are,” Ross wrote. “The challenge with deep wheels is that they can start getting heavy. CADEX flips the script with its 65 tubeless disc wheels and the 1,501g weight. They are lighter than wheels most people consider climbing wheels but as deep as you can realistically run for day-to-day riding. Along with being aerodynamically efficient the wide, 22.4mm internal width puts me at 50 psi on 28mm tyres. That means a seriously cushy ride.”  
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