Recommends "Excellent" CADEX Classic Tire

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 published a review of the CADEX Classics tubeless road tire, giving it a near-perfect 9/10 rating and high marks for being fast-rolling, grippy, supple and easy to seat.

Tester Jez Ash was impressed from the start, including the setup of the tires on a Hunt 30 Carbon Gravel Disc wheelset. “Certainly there were no thumb wars to win to get them on," he wrote. "They inflated pretty easily too.”
Once he had the tires on, Ash tested the CADEX Classics over several months on the type of terrain they are made for: smooth roads, rough roads and light gravel in both wet and dry conditions. “These are grippy tyres, thanks to the combination of the RR-S AR rubber compound and fine file-tooth texture,” he wrote. “It’s noticeable when climbing 20%+ gradients in the wet, but I found the Classics outstanding when descending on loose, poor quality tarmac.”
As for their efficiency on the road, Ash wrote: “Back-to-back against another favorite road tyre—the Vittoria Corsa Control G2—I was measurably faster on the Classics, thanks to the predictable, rock-solid way the cling to the road.”
Summing it up, Ash offered this final verdict: “Really excellent for good roads, bad roads and light gravel action. Recommended.”
For more, check out the full review on the website.