Ultra efficient in power transfer, supremely lightweight and uncompromising on comfort, the CADEX Boost gives elite cyclists the performance advantage they need to stay ahead of the pack.


Advances in carbon manufacturing technology meant the saddle was ripe for a rethink. The objective: new standards in weight, rider support and comfort. Marrying the exclusive AFCT base and Integrated Rail Design led to the creation of a revolutionary carbon composite frame that provides maximum power transfer without added weight, as further advancements in our Particle Flow Technology yields the ultimate in rider support and comfort.


To ride hard from the seated position requires power. If the saddle can’t handle it, power dissipates through flex, and the rider ahead disappears down the road. The CADEX Boost is developed around a two-piece Advanced Forged Composite frame that eliminates unwanted flex for the greatest possible transfer of power—from legs and abdominals through the saddle to the pedals.


Integrated Rail Design means the CADEX Boost relieves common pressure points by positioning the rail connections to the base in an area that’s not a contact point for riders. Additionally, road vibration is dampened by the rails’ purpose-designed shape. Particle Flow technology further disperses pressure at the saddle/sit bones contact points, offering the ultimate in support, compliance and comfort.


There is no component more personal than the saddle. Developed with engineers, biomechanics experts and elite athletes in the field, the CADEX Boost achieves impeccable fit and unparalleled comfort in real-world riding and racing conditions—not just in the test lab. With the added feature of a truncated nose, the CADEX Boost also increases comfort gains by eliminating possible pedaling friction.


Advanced Forged Composite Technology

A state-of-the-art high-pressure moulding process used to produce complex-shaped carbon fibre components creates a unique two piece saddle frame that yields the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Integrated Rail Design

Relieves pressure points by positioning the saddle rail connections to the base in an area that’s not a contact point for riders. The shape of the rails also helps dissipate road vibration, and by eliminating the overlapping joint area normally found on saddles, unnecessary weight is avoided.

Particle Flow Technology

Free-flowing, CADEX-specific ETPU particles, strategically placed in two separate pockets at the contact area, mould to the rider’s unique pelvic contact condition. This eases pressure points and distributes that pressure across a broader contact area for a firmer, more comfortable ride.