It's a mission. An obsession. A collaborative effort to ignore limitations, think differently and create the next generation of ultra-performance cycling components.  

In Pursuit of Sub7

June 2, 2022

In 2021, he conquered the triathlon world. Olympic gold. The world championship. A win in his first full-distance Ironman. What more can Kristian Blummenfelt do? He has some ideas. At the top of his list is Sub7, an ambitious plan to break the 7-hour barrier for the full Ironman distance. To succeed, the 112-mile bike leg is critical.

How do you defy the impossible? First, you think outside the box. You ignore the limitations and build a team that believes. Sub7 is Kristian Blummenfelt’s attempt to break the 7-hour Ironman barrier. No one works harder or dreams bigger than Kristian, and it’s that drive, that will to win, that pushed us to create the prototype bike he recently used to win the Ironman World Championship. We’re not done yet. With Sub7, Kristian is attempting to redefine the limits of human performance. We’re proud to be part of his team.

Witness Kristian's attempt live on the SUB7 website on June 5th, 7AM CEST.