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Steed Cycles Ride Club feels the #cadexadvantage

May 30, 2022

Our first demo event recently happened with Steed Cycles in North Vancouver. With one of the biggest ride clubs in Vancouver, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase our new wheelsystems to riders.

Steed Cycles has been a part of the Cycling community on the North Shore of Vancouver for over 20 years. Specializing in everything from Hi-end Mtb to custom-built Road Bikes. This year they became a Certifed Cadex Retailer and we are excited to showcase our product within their store. To celebrate we hosted our first Cadex Wheelsystem Demo Event with their Ride Club. We had our 36mm and 42mm Disc Wheels available to test ride and had a BBQ afterwards.

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Photos by: Sam James, Steed Cycles.

Learn more about the Steed Cycles Ride Club here.