It's a mission. An obsession. A collaborative effort to ignore limitations, think differently and create the next generation of ultra-performance cycling components.  

Wind-tunnel developed aerodynamics for astonishing speed, class-leading torsional stiffness for total power transfer and ultra-low friction hubs for super-low rolling resistance have made rim-brake CADEX Aero WheelSystems the choice of top TT and triathletes around the world.

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The CADEX Aero 4-spoke and Aero Disc WheelSystem marries industry-leading stiffness and aerodynamic performance to provide ultimate speed in TT or tri.


Years of work in the ACE wind tunnel, but more critically in the field, have resulted in the CADEX Aero 4-spoke and Aero Disc WheelSystem displaying superior stability, consistent performance and astonishing speed.


Without stiffness, effort is wasted and aerodynamics is undermined. Years of research and development have produced an Aero WheelSystem with class-leading torsional stiffness that gives maximum power and superior acceleration.  


The CADEX low friction hub drastically reduces rolling resistance, and when combined with the torsional stiffness of the CADEX rim, ensures that every ounce of rider power gets translated into forward motion.


Low-Friction Hub

Precision machined internals eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimize rolling resistance.

Optimal Air Transition

21mm inner rim provides unparalleled aerodynamics through optimal air transition from tire sidewall to wheel.

Ultralight Carbon Composite

Exclusive, state-of-the-art carbon composite produces a stiffer wheel structure at an exceptionally light weight for superior acceleration and speed.