CADEX is the pursuit of what many see as improbable, even impossible. It's the discovery of a new material that produces faster wheels. Reinvention of the saddle for incomparable fit. Perfection of a tubeless tire that convinces pros to forgo tubulars. It's deep research into the bike and rider in motion. CADEX is the pursuit and realisation of an entirely new level of performance in cycling components. Our pursuit of the best-performing cycling components is built on an unrivalled mastery of materials and production, advanced research on cycling dynamics, and our close partnerships with professional teams and athletes.


From developing all-new ways to engineer our wheels to creating compounds for superior tire performance, we find new ways to push the limits of performance. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries with hookless rim technology or discovering an entirely new way to craft a saddle, we build our own solutions.


Before we design, engineer or develop a new component, we first go to great lengths to understand the dynamics of the rider and bike in motion. It’s not just about being lighter and stiffer, it’s about optimizing the way moving parts perform and interact with an athlete’s body.


Pro road racers and triathletes play a key role in bringing CADEX components to life. From pre-season training camps to world championship competition, we listen to their demands and factor in their feedback. It starts with prototype parts branded #overachieve, and only after these parts are tested, fine-tuned and approved, are they ready for production.