Bicycling: CADEX WheelSystem is "Light, Stiff, and Oh-so-Fast"

Freitag, 14. August 2020

Bicycling Magazine published a new feature on CADEX WheelSystems, describing in detail some of the innovative technologies behind the pro-level wheels and how the engineering transfers to real-world performance.

“The effect of the carbon spokes and angles was something I noticed from the moment I started pedaling,” wrote Bicycling test editor Riley Missel. “The acceleration is unmatched by any wheel I’ve ever ridden. They have such a responsive snap; they engage as soon as your instincts do when someone attacks, which allows you to follow without second-guessing yourself.”

Missel also detailed the hookless composite rim design, the precision hubs, and the new CADEX Race Tubeless tires.

Summing it up, Missel wrote that when she installed a CADEX 42 WheelSystem on her test bike, “it felt like a brand new dream bike. It was quicker up hills and smoother over bumps, but where I could really feel the difference was when I accelerated: The wheels snapped from zero to 18mph lickety-split, and I could just keep picking up speed until I got tired, rather than having that lagging sensation as I fought to accelerate. I earned 16 Strava PRs on my go-to test route my first ride on them.”

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