Peloton Details “Otherworldly Prowess” of CADEX 42 Disc

6. januar 2022

Peloton magazine published a report of the CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem, detailing some of the key technologies and innovations behind the high-performance wheels that set them apart from the competition.

The U.S.-based magazine spoke to Jeff Schneider, head of product and marketing for CADEX, about the development of the wheels and how their technical innovations translate to performance on the road. From the hookless carbon rims to carbon spokes and Dynamic Balanced Lacing, CADEX engineers viewed all the individual components as a cohesive system, working together to optimize overall performance.
“Two overlooked factors in wheel design—spokes and lacing pattern—contribute to some of the 42 Disc’s hallmark qualities: quick acceleration and tight, precise handling on descents,” Peloton wrote. “High-tensile-strength-carbon aero spokes contribute to a high lateral stiffness for acceleration, while a Dynamic Balanced Lacing pattern places spokes at a wider bracing angle, leading to its otherworldly prowess on descents—you will set new personal bests on the downhills with these.”
Summing it up, Peloton wrote: “By focusing on the wheel as a system, examining every component and construction method, CADEX has hit on a wheelset that performs squarely at the top end of the wheel market, one that has noticeably excellent handling on technical roads.”
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