Rouvy Training program with Stephan Nuesser

16. september 2022

Join our collaboration with Rouvy for a comprehensive training program designed by Stephan Nuesser, the renowned German coach, and get in shape with 9 workout sessions.

Development program in detail

Aerobic fitness

The first 3 workouts are for endurance build up, focusing on the development of your aerobic base fitness. Low to middle intensity exercise is the perfect way to increase your fat metabolism, which fuels you for your long rides.

Threshold build up

The next three workouts are for VO2 max development. This means that the neuromuscular pushes are designed to improve your maximum oxygen uptake as well as your neuromuscular coordination.

Strength build up

The final 3 workouts of this series are for power development. They will concentrate on your strength capacity and your threshold performance, which will enhance your FTP.

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