When every watt matters, the lightweight CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar leads from the front. With its innovative bar-and-stem construction, flattened tops, gently flared drops, and sleek internal cable routing, it delivers an aero advantage to help you slice through the wind.

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Integrated bar-and-stem construction and sleek internal cable routing combine for exceptional aerodynamic performance. A narrow width at the hoods combined with a long 80mm reach naturally put the rider in an aero position, and a flattened top section reduces frontal area for wind-slicing efficiency.


A shallow 125mm drop makes changes in hand position smooth and seamless. A two-piece bar and stem layup featuring CADEX one-piece, no-bond manufacturing on the drops, hoods and tops uses T800 and T1100 carbon fiber to keep weight low and stiffness high for increased precision when cornering, descending, and sprinting.


A 3-degree flare adds stability and control while maintaining maximum aerodynamic efficiency. A subtle 2-degree backsweep and gently curving ramps enable a relaxed arm position and better grip for long days in the saddle.


CADEX præcisionsforstærket opbygning

CADEX præcisionsforstærket opbygget af de bedste carbonfiber på de mest afgørende punkter hvilket giver markedets højeste stivhed, kørekomfort og styrke uden unødvendig vægt.

One Piece støbeprocess

One-piece, ingen samlingsprocess udnytter høj kvalitets carbon og en præcision layup teknik, der svarer til den proces, der anvendes til at skabe CADEX WheelSystems. Resultatet er et super stærkt, responsivt styr med klassens bedste vægt.