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Designed for long-distance, mixed surface challenges, the all-new CADEX Classics Tubeless tire combines an ultra-grippy all-conditions compound with advanced puncture protection and our proven Supple Race Casing to provide riders a superior tire choice for the most demanding conditions.

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The CADEX Classics Tubeless tire is a premium all-conditions road tire designed for optimal performance on the roughest of roads. With RR-S AR compound offering outstanding grip, Supple Race Casing delivering maximum ride feel and Race Shield + layer protecting against cuts and punctures, the CADEX Classics Tubeless is the superior choice for the most demanding conditions.


Cutting-edge compound technology for total control under all conditions. On rough roads or in the wet, the all-new RR-S AR compound provides outstanding grip and confidence without compromising on speed.


The feel of a tubular in a tubeless tire. Single-layer Supple Race Casing offers maximum compliance and an ultra active ride feel on mixed surfaces.


Exclusive lightweight cut-resistant layer for complete confidence on all roads. Race Shield+ is a layer of proprietary Kevlar-based material over the tire casing that provides the highest level of puncture protection while still offering a super supple ride.

RR-S AR Compound

Based on the original fast-rolling RR-S compound, the RR-S AR compound keeps the speed but adds more grip and increased durability for maximum confidence on rough and wet roads.

Enkeltlags Supple Race Casing (SRC)

Enkeltlags Supple Race Casing (SRC) leverer en utrolig smidig og behagelig kørsel med overlegen rullemodstand med en super lav vægt.

Race Shield+ Puncture Protection

With an exclusive, ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar material over the tire casing, Race Shield + provides 34% more puncture protection than our original Race Shield, with little sacrifice in acceleration and road feel.