Super let vægt for en konkurrencefordel. Komfort til at bære dig gennem lange træningsdage og knusende kongeetaper. Det helt nye CADEX Race-styr har en innovativ konstruktion støbt i ét stykke og et ergonomisk design, der er stift, stødabsorberende og lækkert for dine hænder.

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With a jaw-dropping weight of only 160g, the CADEX Race Handlebar delivers a clear competitive advantage with zero compromises in comfort and control. A cutting-edge one-piece molding process eliminates the flex found in traditional bonded handlebars and produces a feel that’s stiff yet compliant. Unbeatable all-rounder performance for sprinting, climbing and cornering—all day long.


Constructed with a precision carbon fiber layup technique, the CADEX Race handlebar boasts a best-in-class weight of only 160g for a 420mm bar. A unique one-piece molding process eliminates the need for bonding, which results in a superlight weight that’s significantly lower than leading competitors.


One-piece composite construction eliminates the excessive weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional handlebars. The drops have an elliptical shape with a 72mm reach (68mm for 380mm bar) for quick, controlled hand position changes and a responsive feel when sprinting, cornering and descending.


The tops feature a gently curved ergonomic design with a flattened rear section for comfortable hand and thumb positioning. The design helps minimize fatigue and provides long-lasting comfort for
all-day efforts.

CADEX Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.

One Piece Mold Manufacturing

One-piece, no-bond manufacturing utilizes high-grade carbon fiber and a precision layup technique that’s similar to the process used to create CADEX WheelSystems. The result is a super strong, responsive handlebar with best-in-class weight.