Choosing a bike saddle is one of the most personal on bike choices you can make. While other parts of the bike, handlebars or seat height, for example, are relatively easy to adjust to make more comfortable, once you have a saddle fitted, the movement is limited and the shape is fixed.

While you can go fore and aft and tilt up and down, these are only small adjustments. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a bicycle saddle that works for your body.

It's especially important for road cyclists to get their saddle choice right, as they spend longer amounts of time fixed in one position than a rider on a mountain bike would. MTB saddles are less tricky and personal, as the rider is often in and out the saddle and constantly adjusting their body weight, so fewer issues occur.

Not all saddles will suit every rider and it might take a few attempts to find the right one for you based on your riding style. Some riders require more cushioning for their sit bones, while others will need more of a cut out to relieve pressure on the perineum so they can ride as long as they want without discomfort.

It is also worth noting that some saddles are better suited to certain styles of riding. If you look at most top time trialists, for example, they will often use a saddle with a shorter nose and deep cut out channel, so they are fixed in the same position to maximise their power output for the length of the race. The short nose and deep channel combination work together to ensure that pressure doesn’t build up and cause pain.

For those racing on road bikes, a comfortable saddle is key as when riding hard for anywhere up to six hours a good riding position is in part determined by how the rider sits on the saddle. If they are uncomfortable, they will tend to move around more which then leads to lower power and a slower pace.

When it comes to the new CADEX Boost, it has been designed to be the ultimate race saddle. Taking feedback from pro riders as to what was required for the perfect saddle, the CADEX team designed the Boost with 3 main goals in mind, Maximum Power Transfer, Comfort without Compromise and Proven Fit in Motion.

Maximum Power Transfer

When riding at the highest level, every watt counts, so it’s crucial that no power is wasted. The CADEX Boost saddle is designed so that it aids power transfer and as little effort as possible is lost.

The base is formed of two forged carbon pieces (which are laid up by hand) that eliminate unwanted flex. The result - the force you’re producing with your legs isn't lost through saddle flex and makes it through to the pedals. This is key for a seated effort in a race whether that be chasing down a break on the flat or pushing hard on an uphill finish.

Another huge benefit of the carbon frame on the saddle is that it makes it extremely light. Weighing in at just 138g, the saddle is one of the lightest on the market (‘featherweight on the scales’ according to Cycling Weekly) and removes all unnecessary weight. This is especially important as shaving even just a few grams can make all the difference at the tail end of a tough race.

Comfort Without Compromise

Where excellent power transfer is a key component of the Boost saddle, it is also very comfortable. Without comfort, all the work the rider is doing could be lost as they move around to find the right position. This comfort is achieved in a number of ways:

Design of the rails

By using an integrated rail design, the Boost saddle can position the rail connections away from a rider's contact points (largely their sit bones) meaning pressure points aren’t a concern.

Shape of the rails

The rails are formed in such a way that they assist in soaking up road vibrations meaning they don’t pass these into the glutes and legs.

Particle Flow Technology

By placing ETPU particles (these are small rubber strands about the size of a grain of rice) in two separate pockets in the contact area, the saddle is able to mould to a rider’s pelvic shape. This design ensures that pressure points are eased and distributed across a broader contact area so the ride is both firm and comfortable.

Shorter Nose, Wider End

As the saddle is designed with a shorter length (246mm) and wider width (148mm) the rider feels truly seated so any unnecessary movement is reduced. Less movement means increased levels of comfort and also aids the transfer of power as energy isn’t being wasted.

Another key element of the shape of the saddle is that it can be used by both male and female riders. Due to the wider width and losing the longer nose that most saddles have, it doesn't cause pressure to build up or create discomfort for either sex, despite the different pelvic structures (women will usually have a wider pelvic bone).

Also, the pressure relief channel is designed such that no undue force is being applied to the perineum which avoids another area where other performance saddles can cause discomfort. When racing at the highest level, peak power is generally achieved whilst seated, so both male and female racers will need to be confident that their saddle offers support, but won't cause discomfort when they are at a crucial point in a race. The CADEX design fits the bill for both.

This comfort element was recognised in a recent VeloNews review where tester Dan Cavallari felt as though he was ‘sitting on a soft, comfortable platform that was made specifically for my body.’

Proven Fit In Motion

As we've already mentioned, there is no component more personal than a saddle, so getting the Boost saddle right in real-world riding situations was paramount. This has been achieved by using the knowledge of engineers and biomechanics experts, in combination with feedback from elite athletes on the CCC team.

Although officially launched at the Tour De France in 2019, CADEX had been tested by pro riders such as Greg Van Avermaet and Marianne Vos for a substantial amount of time prior to the reveal. This has resulted in the final product being the ultimate saddle in regards to fit and comfort for real-world riders and racers alike.

The CADEX boost is the perfect race saddle for all riders, but you can make sure it's right for you by having a demo at your local CADEX retailer. You can find your closest store here. Want to keep in touch? Sign up for the CADEX newsletter for all the latest news, product reviews and offers.