CADEX 36 Disc Tubeless Wheelset Receives 9/10 Review

21 December 2022

Freelance Journalist and Product Reviewer, Marc Abbott praises CADEX 36 Disc Tubeless Wheelset in a recent Cyclist Review.

When testing out these carbon all-rounders, Abbot was impressed with the efficient and smooth-riding wheelset that proves "you get what you pay for".

“Stiffness was demonstrated on lengthier climbs”, expressed Abbot as he tested out the CADEX 36s. During December rides, The Product Reviewer admired the “confidence and directness of handling offered by these stiff and stable wheels”.

This versatile and lightweight Wheelset was built for real-world performance and The Freelance Journalist took note that these were made for “year round use in every conceivable weather condition (within reasons: nobody’s going for a road ride in deep snow)”.

Abbot then went on to explain that the durable CADEX 36s are “simply responsive, stiff, stable - quicker - everywhere”.

While concluding the review, Abbott outlined that this tubeless wheelset is a “boon to performance”.

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