CADEX Aero Tubeless Tyres feature in recommends

30 January 2024

“They performed impressively, delivering a smooth ride with decent comfort. You get good grip both in dry and wet conditions, even on green back lanes that are usually slippy” editor Matt Page tested the CADEX Aero Tubeless Tyres, where he awarded them a solid 8/10.

The CADEX tyres also feature in the recommends awards for tyres (by Mat Brett), nominated because they are “grippy, smooth and better-than-expected durability”.

When discussing how the tyres performed, Page writes “I did find the tyres performed impressively, delivering a smooth ride with plenty of feedback”.

The editor found the CADEX Aero Tubeless Tyre offered impressive grip, in both wet and dry conditions. “This is the one area I felt they really excelled, and riding on wet, green back lanes in summer when I expected to slip, they retained traction throughout”.

Value and verdict?

Page reveals that even though the tyres come as standard on some CADEX wheels, he would keep them regardless. He writes “In those cases I wouldn't look to change them as their performance has been good”.

Overall, Page praises the aero tyres, summarizing them as follows. “Its overall performance surpassed my expectations, with traction and grip being standout traits”.

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