Cycling News Praise CADEX Boost Saddle

21 December 2022

Cycling News Review Writer, Will Jones, gives praise to CADEX Boost Saddle by placing it on The Best Road Bike Saddles in 2022 list.

The ultra-light CADEX Boost Saddle, which sets new standards in weight, rider support and comfort, was awarded 4 ½ stars by Jones.

Jones noted the weight, shape and support of the saddle and expressed that “the shape gives a locked-in supportive and powerful peddalling platform”.

During the review, Jones expressed that it was “love at first sit” and the high performance Boost Saddle was described as “striking”.

When it comes to the design, The Cycling News Writer acknowledged that this falls in the “short-nose saddle category”; and also noted that the “rear curves upward to urge you into a forward, racy position”.

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