Kristen Jenny’s CADEX 50 Ultra first ride review

21 December 2022

“Light, hookless and paired with an all-new propriety aero tubeless tyre, the Ultra 50s take us deeper into the disc brake era”

Elite triathlete, Kristen Kenny goes into detail when reviewing the spec of the CADEX 50 Ultra-wheels. Reviewing the disc brake only compatibility, the hookless & aero design, flat spokes and the proprietary hob.

“The Cadex Ultra 50 wheels were built with one thing in mind: saving watts. From the flat spokes to the proprietary hub and Aero Tubeless tires, the entire wheelsystem is designed to move riders forward, faster and on fewer watts.”

When Kristen Jenny first unboxed the wheels her first impressions were positive, describing it as a “luxury experience”. She felt as if she was part of an elite club as she unpacked the wheels from their sleek black boxes that comes with two protective covers.

After fitting her new set of CADEX 50 Ultra-wheels she then began her tests. “The first thing I noticed was the benefit of the Dynamic Balanced Lacing. You truly feel as though every single watt pushed through the stroke is going toward moving the bike forward. The power transfer was smooth and fast”.

When she the wind picked up it was proved that these wheels can really hold their own. “Like any wheels with some sort of deeper rim, there’s a control factor of the front wheel when wind rushes by. I was impressed by the way these wheels held their own.”

Finally, as she was cruising towards a false flat she was it as a great opportunity to jump out of the saddle and sprint for 15 seconds. “The wheels held their line without straining and flexing to do so. I have a pair of highly-flexible rim brake 65s on my TT bike and they tend to waver and even wobble under the stress of intense efforts. Not the Ultra 50s, they are stalwart and stable.”

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