Road.CC Say CADEX Boost Delivers On Comfort And Stiffness

22 December 2022

Road.CC Reviewer, Stu Kerton, says CADEX has created something “pretty special”, describing the CADEX Boost as a “cleverly designed” saddle that offers “near-perfect balance of stiffness and comfort”.

While praising the ultra efficient and supremely lightweight saddle, Stu Kerton from Road.CC compliments the side and rear elevations, suggesting that it is “one of the coolest profiles” he has seen.

“When it comes to quality, the Boost looks and feels top notch”, suggests Kerton as he acknowledges that there is “no excess glue sneaking out anywhere between the differing layers, which you can get on some saddles”. He then went on to explain that the “synthetic upper is durable and hardwearing”.

Comfort is key at CADEX and this is evident, as Kerton expresses that the saddle offers “stiffness needed for performance riding while also being surprisingly comfortable when absolutely on the rivet”.

Towards the end of this positive review, the Road.CC reviewer explains that he has sat on a lot of expensive saddles throughout his time and the CADEX Boost “certainly stands its ground against the competition”.

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