Top marks for the CADEX AR 35 Disc Wheels

10 March 2022

“The Cadex AR 35 Disc wheelset is a light and lively feeling option with a responsive and robust rear hub”

Cycling News editor, Josh Ross is the latest person to review the CADEX AR 35 Disc Wheels, rewarding the gravel wheels a solid score of 4.5 / 5. Ross put the CADEX wheels through their paces as he spent 2 months travelling a total of 1500 miles through “the worst conditions”.

So, what did he make of CADEX’s carbon gravel wheels?

Overall Ross was pleased with the CADEX wheels and their hookless deign on the rim.

“The hooked bead on a carbon wheel adds significant weight and Cadex keeps the spotlight on weight reduction. It's a small detail and getting it strong enough to take abuse requires extra material. Eliminating it allows for a wheel that's lighter while also being stronger.”

When it came down to performance, he described the CADEX AR 35 Disc Wheelset as a prime option as a gravel race wheel due to their light weight, versatility and durability.

“At 1,270g, it's incredibly light - even for a climbing-specific road wheel - so to see that weight in a 35mm deep gravel wheel with a 25mm internal width is incredible. Pair that with all the focus on fast engagement and these deserve race time but I've been riding with them through the winter season and can vouch for their durability.”

When giving his final verdict on wheels, he stated that this wheel has all the credentials of an excellent gravel tyre. It’s light, has great traction, and the ceramic bearings and hub design contribute to faster power transfer and smooth rolling.

To read the full review go to Cycling Weekly’s website.

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