There is no greater proving ground for an aero wheel than an Ironman triathlon. It’s 180km, just you against the wind. No drafting, no hiding. Chosen by some of the world’s fastest pros including Olympic Ironman and Sub7 champion Kristian Blummenfelt, the all-new Aero Disc WheelSystem is the fastest wheel ever created by CADEX. Featuring wind-tunnel tested asymmetrical shaping, an all-new CADEX Low Friction R3-C40 aero hub with ceramic bearings and a broad 22.4mm inner rim width, it delivers best-in-class aerodynamics, unbeatable efficiency and total control.

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The CADEX Super Aero Rim Shape, with its wider rim profile and fully covered disc construction, creates smooth airflow over the wheel surface, significantly reducing drag at multiple yaw angles. When paired with CADEX Aero tyres, the Aero Disc WheelSystem yields a 7-watt aerodynamic advantage over other popular Ironman wheel/tyre combinations.* *CADEX Aero Tyres available soon

Featuring optimized composite engineering for best-in-class transmission and lateral stiffness-to-weight ratios as well as CADEX Low Friction R3-C40 hub technology with ceramic bearings, the Aero Disc WheelSystem ensures that every watt of pedalling power is transmitted into maximum forward motion.


With an all-new hookless bead, a wider 22.4mm inner rim width, an asymmetric rim profile that augments structural balance plus the addition of disc brakes, the CADEX Aero Disc WheelSystem gives you maximum confidence and control on tricky courses.


Asymmetrical Disc Profile

Unique asymmetrical disc profile augments structural balance.

CADEX Ceramic Bearings

Durable, ultra-hard ceramic bearings further increase hub rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance and 1.5x smoother action than steel bearings.

Hookless Rim Design

Provides the best flow transition from the tyre to the sidewall of the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic loss when compared to standard hook bead rims, and featuring a continuous carbon fibre structure enhancing overall durability.

Optimized Composite Engineering

Ultralight 18k carbon composite creates a stiff and stable wheel structure with class-leading torsional and lateral stiffness.

CADEX R3-C40 Aero Hub

Aero optimized hub features 3rd generation CADEX Low-Friction internals with CADEX ceramic bearings and 40-tooth ratchet engagement.