CADEX Race tires employ a state of the art, silica-based compound to provide ultimate speed on straightaways and inspire absolute confidence in corners.

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Working closely with CCC Team for rider feedback, numerous tyre compound and profile shapes were tested to create the perfect tread design, compound and casing. The result: CADEX Race Tubeless, the first tubeless tyre to win over the pros.


Reducing friction, delivering acceleration on the straights and granting maximum grip and confidence in corners, CADEX Race features our best performing, cutting-edge RR-S compound, offering the ultimate combination of speed and control.


Light weight and supple feel — two reasons the pros continue to love their tubulars. CADEX Race tubeless tyres offer near-identical road feel and ride compliance as a tubular, through a single-layer ultra-supple casing that delivers superior rolling efficiency at minimal weight.


With Race Shield featuring an exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar material incorporated into the casing, CADEX tyres provide superior puncture protection while still delivering incredibly supple road feel.


Race Shield Puncture Protection

With an exclusive ultra-lightweight and cut-resistant Kevlar® material incorporated into the casing, Race Shield provides superior puncture protection without compromising speed or road feel.

RR-S Compound

A state of the art silica-based tyre compound for elite riders who demand ultimate speed and grip. Compared to a standard road tyre compound, RR-S has significantly less rolling resistance and boasts markedly increased grip when cornering, especially in the wet.