Our lightweight carbon composite CADEX WheelSystems are some of the best in the market, that's why we’re offering a free test ride so you can see for yourself just how much they enhance performance. Contact your local CADEX retailer today and simply inquire for a test ride. If you're unsure about which set to pick from, your local CADEX retailer will be happy to advise you on a set best suited to your rider style.


CADEX is the pursuit of what many see as improbable, even impossible. It’s the mastery of materials, advanced research and production of new cycling products that builds a whole new level of performance in cycling.

Before we design, engineer or develop a new component, we unveil new ways of understanding the rider and the bike in motion. The goal of CADEX is not about stiffness or being lighter on the bike, it’s the science and technology behind moving components and how they perform and interact with an athlete’s body to optimise rider performance.

CADEX is verified by professional road racers and triathletes, bringing great success competitively. Most recently, Norwegian Triathlete Kristian Blummenfelt won gold in Tokyo 2020. We listen to the demands from teams and athletes, build prototypes for testing, then once they are tuned and approved they are ready for production. CADEX is designed to enhance performance for all riders who are dedicated to #overachieve.

Aero WheelSystems

The CADEX Aero Race WheelSystem offers industry-leading aerodynamics, race proven speed and ultra-light weight. For time trial or triathlon, nothing is faster.

This WheelSystem features Ultralight Carbon Composite that produces a stiff aero wheel structure at an exceptionally light weight for unmatched acceleration and speed. Optimal Air Transition from tyre sidewall to wheel with a 21mm inner rim providing unparalleled aerodynamics. Low-Friction Hub designed through precision machined internals which eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimise rolling resistance.

CADEX 4-Spoke Aero Tubular Wheel

When it comes to speed, the lightweight CADEX 4-Spoke Aero is second to none. Developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis by our long-term partner Aero Concepts Engineering (ACE) in Magny-Cours, France, it’s the wheel of choice for TT specialists and elite triathletes seeking maximum performance, stability and acceleration.

CADEX Aero Disc Tubular Wheel

Designed for TT specialists and elite triathletes, the CADEX aero disc excels in every aspect: aerodynamics, rolling resistance, braking and acceleration. After months of testing, thorough wind tunnel and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis, and extensive riding in the field, the result is an aero disc wheel that is fast enough to crush the flat course, and light enough for the hilliest triathlon or time trial.

Road WheelSystems

Maximum power transmission, optimal aerodynamics and total control, all at an ultra-light weight. CADEX road wheels are the choice of elite cyclists world-wide.

All CADEX Road WheelSystems feature Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology which sets spokes at a wider bracing angle and for the same tension level under pedalling force, producing a stiffer, more efficient wheel. A Low-Friction Hub designed through precision machined internals which eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimise rolling resistance. Precision reinforced lay-up that places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed creating a strong/stiff rim at minimal weight. CADEX Road WheelSystems also feature CADEX Hookless Rim Technology and Aero Carbon Spokes.

CADEX 36 Wheels

The Versatile CADEX 36 Disc wheels feature superlight carbon rims with optimal 22.4MM internal width and 36MM rim depth for unbeatable acceleration and climbing paired with confident handling on the descents.

CADEX 42 Wheels

CADEX 42 wheels feature a 42MM deep hookless rim design that maximise power transfer and lightweight aero prowess combine for versatile performance.

CADEX 65 Wheels

With A 22.4MM rim width these superlight wheels maximise total aero performance and surefooted stability with no compromise on grams.

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