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Like any modern tubeless system, the tolerances of the tire bead diameter and hookless rim bead seat diameters must be carefully calibrated in order to create an airtight seal that will allow the tire to stay on the rim and the rider to slow to a safe stop in case of puncture. If the tire bead diameter is too large, it will not match the rim bead seat diameter. Likewise, if the bead material isn’t strong or stiff enough under high pressure loads, the tire bead will stretch over time and it will lose its original diameter.

If rim manufacturers do not work directly with tire manufacturers when designing new hookless rims, tolerances and bead materials can vary. This can make it difficult to pair tires and hookless rims from different manufacturers.


Rather than using a Kevlar-only bead, which can stretch over time and compromise the tire bead diameter, CADEX tires feature a carbon and Kevlar composite bead that’s strong enough to avoid stretching under heavy loads. This, combined with our accurately defined tire and rim bead seat diameters, tested at pressures up to 150psi, guarantee dependable air and tire retention.

What Tires Can I Use?

CADEX components are built to be used as a system, and CADEX tires are the best choice for use with CADEX WheelSystems on the road.

However, should you prefer to run a non-CADEX tire, here are the tires with an indicated maximum pressure above 72.5psi (5 bar) that have passed the CADEX test protocol for use with CADEX hookless rims:

Hookless Tires for CADEX Wheels

Click the link below to download an explanation of the CADEX test protocol as well as the test results of the tires:

What Pressure Should I Run?

Appropriately inflated tires conform better to imperfections in the road, absorbing impacts and allowing you to ride more efficiently and safely with more comfort and control.

As mountain bikers have known for a long time, tires that are inflated to a higher pressure than necessary for the terrain transmit more impacts and sacrifice speed as well as energy as the rider fights to keep the bike on track and to stop it from deflecting off obstacles, however small, in its path.

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The following tires have failed the CADEX test protocol and currently do not function properly with CADEX hookless WheelSystems:



     CONTINENTAL GP5000 TL      25C

     PIRELLI CINTURATO      24C      26C

For tires that have failed the CADEX test protocol, CADEX is working with the tire brands so updates can be made to make them ready for CADEX hookless rims as soon as possible.

Please be aware that if you choose to use a tire with an indicated maximum pressure above 72.5psi (5 bar) that is not on the list of tires that have passed the CADEX test protocol, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK, as the tire may not function properly with the CADEX hookless WheelSystem.

If the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire is below 72.5psi (5 bar) and the tire is hookless rim compatible as per the tire manufacturer’s recommendation, the tire can be used with CADEX hookless WheelSystems and does not have to appear on the “WHAT TIRES CAN I USE?” chart.

Although CADEX tires are designed for best use with a CADEX hookless rim, it is possible to use a CADEX tire on a hooked bead rim.

If necessary, you may use an inner tube on a CADEX hookless rim, so long as the tire you are using has passed the CADEX test protocol. However, please note that CADEX hookless rims are designed to perform best when set up as tubeless and used without an inner tube.

Click the link below to download an explanation of the CADEX test protocol as well as the test results of the tires: