CADEX Ambassador Duke Agyapong Returns to Racing

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"I've missed racing" says CADEX ambassador Duke Agyapong on his return to crits at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in London aboard his new CADEX 50 Ultra wheels and Aero tires.

CADEX has been proud to support Duke through his journey as he rides and races crits, road and circuit races.

After a pandemic where all life was put on hold, combined with the everyday stresses of modern life Duke had fallen out of love with racing, but where there’s a spark there’s often a fire and almost inevitably Duke’s passion for racing has returned.

This film marks his return to the cut and thrust of competitive racing with CADEX.

Because we don’t believe you need to be a World Tour Pro to benefit from CADEX race-winning technology.

In the hard-fought world of UK grassroots circuit racing, riders will seize any advantage in aero speed and reactiveness.

And so it only seemed right for CADEX to support Duke’s return. From riding for mental health and pleasure, to riding in the pursuit of victory.

"These wheels spin up fast… moving up in the crit you don’t have to give a big push… you can use aero gains. Cornering; I didn’t touch the brakes… I knew I was glued to the damn ground… Stoked' said Duke.

All-new CADEX 50 Ultra wheels and Aero tires. Light on the hills, aero on the flat and stiff in the corners. The boost you need in the heat of competition, no matter your level.