High Marks for CADEX 42 Disc in Rennrad-News Review

Πέμπτη, 19 Αυγούστου 2021

The German website Rennrad-News published a comprehensive review of the CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem, praising the superlight tubeless carbon road wheels for their efficiency, aerodynamics, responsiveness and ride quality.

Editors at Rennrad-News detailed the innovative technologies behind the CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem, including the hookless carbon rims, low-friction hubs and carbon spokes assembled with Dynamic Balanced Lacing.
“With the rims, everything revolves around maximum weight savings and improved aerodynamics,” editors wrote. “CADEX relies fully on hookless rims and emphasizes the advantages of this design. Without the hooks, the sidewalls of the rims can be made thinner and therefore easier. In addition, the carbon layup on CADEX rims is precisely adapted to the forces that occur and only reinforced where it is necessary for strength.”
Testers were also impressed with the innovative carbon spokes. “These are the most striking feature of the CADEX 42 Disc Tubeless wheels,” they wrote. “At first glance, the spokes are noticeable because they are slightly thicker than spokes made of steel, but when viewed up close they reveal technical masterpieces. In addition to the weight advantage and improved aerodynamics, CADEX also proclaims better rigidity of the entire wheel thanks to the extreme tensile strength of the carbon spokes. The stiffness should also be increased by the so-called ‘Dynamic Balanced Lacing,’ a spoking method which, according to CADEX, is based on the dynamic loads when pedaling and not on static values when standing.”
As for their performance on the road, editors had this conclusion: “The weight is so low that almost nothing speaks against using it as the only wheelset despite a rim height of 42 millimeters. The rigidity is excellent and ensures power transmission and very direct handling in every situation.”
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