Hannah Raymond: Big Gains for Big Days

7. listopada 2021.

CADEX athlete Hannah Raymond is an American para-cyclist who now resides in Italy. Originally from Colorado, Hannah fell in love with the sport while she was living in New York City. She started off riding a singlespeed, drawn to the freedom and flow of riding through the city. Soon Hannah was on a fixed gear bike, and in 2015 she entered her first race—a Red Hook Crit series race in London. She finished 19th and was hooked.

In 2017, after a massage session, Hannah felt her arm go numb. Then her lower back and right leg. Eventually came the diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. Initially Hannah thought her racing career was over—but ultimately she decided to try and work even harder, rebuilding her balance and strength so she could ride again with a body that worked differently than it had before. In 2019 Hannah discovered para-cycling, a community filled with people that inspired her.
Now Hannah is the one inspiring others. Today she lives near the Dolomites, with some of the most epic mountain climbs of Northern Italy within her reach. One of the toughest is the famed Passo dello Stelvio. “It’s just one of my favorite places to ride,” Hannah says. “You get to a certain altitude and the terrain just becomes like another planet. You feel like you’re on the moon or something.”
For a real challenge, Hannah joins local legend Daniele Schena, known to most as “Stelvioman,” to tackle both sides of the Stelvio in a single day. That’s 3284 meters of climbing over 92km. It’s a big day to say the least, and both Hannah and Daniele choose the CADEX 36 WheelSystem to tackle the steep climbs, endless switchbacks, and fast, technical descents. Combined with CADEX Race tires, it’s the perfect setup for riding hard on what Stelvioman calls “the roof of the cycling world.”
Superlight carbon rims on the CADEX 36 feature an innovative hookless design with a 22.4mm inner width and 36mm depth for unbeatable acceleration and climbing efficiency, plus confident handling on descents, in the wind, and on varied terrain. Custom-engineered Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) and high-tensile strength carbon aero spokes provide a transmission stiffness-to-weight ratio that’s more than 40 percent higher than key competitor wheels in their category.
For more on the new CADEX 36 WheelSystem used by Hannah and Daniele on their Stelvio adventures, click here.