Own the same WheelSystem Kristian Blummenfelt used to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics. The CADEX 42/65 Disc Tubeless Gold Signature Edition WheelSystem combines a CADEX 42 Disc Tubeless front wheel and CADEX 65 Disc Tubeless rear wheel. It's the ultimate blend of aero efficiency and stable handling.

Featuring the white CADEX brand logo, just like Kristian races, and a gold-colored signature to mark his Olympic achievement, each set also comes with a one-of-a-kind autographed card.

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Hookless carbon rims with custom-calibrated aero spokes offer outstanding durability and optimal aerodynamics at a super low weight. Combined with exclusive hubs that significantly reduce friction to eliminate power loss, the CADEX 42/65 WheelSystem offers watt-saving performance with surefooted stability.


With the CADEX Low Friction Hub, power loss is reduced from the very outset. And with CADEX carbon spokes laced using Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology, CADEX wheels possess superior stiffness, resulting in greater transmission efficiency.


Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed. This creates an exceptionally robust structure at a super low weight, while durable and stiff CADEX carbon spokes provide maximum performance without extra grams.


Hookless rim design and less overall weight improves responsiveness and acceleration. Precision reinforced carbon lay-up offers unparalleled stiffness for confident handling.


Significant reductions in front and side drag ensure that these wheels fly yet remain stable in shifting winds. The ultralight CADEX carbon spokes have a custom-designed aero shape. And the hookless rim design's optimum airflow transition from the tire to the sidewall of the rim drastically diminishes aerodynamic loss.


Aero Carbon Spokes

High tensile-strength CADEX aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing and feature a purpose designed aero shape offering excellent aerodynamic characteristics as well as superior stability in shifting winds, all at the lightest weight possible.

CADEX Hookless Rim Technology

A broad inner rim width and durable continuous carbon fiber structure create a rounder tire shape for superior grip and handling plus added sidewall support for cornering, all without compromising on weight.


Custom-Tuned DBL Technology

Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology sets spokes at a wider bracing angle and for the same tension level under pedaling force, producing a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.

Low-Friction Hub

Precision machined internals eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimize rolling resistance.

Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.