From the winds of Kona to training rides in unpredictable conditions, the CADEX Aero 4-Spoke combines proven aero performance with confident handling and control. The added crosswind control of the 4-spoke design makes it a top choice for pros like Ironman World Champion Kristian Blummenfelt. Featuring superlight and stiff carbon rims shaped by exhaustive wind-tunnel testing and data, an all-new CADEX Low Friction R3-C40 aero hub with ceramic bearings, and 22.4mm inner width hookless rims, it delivers best-in-class aerodynamics, unbeatable efficiency, and total control in all conditions.

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Wind tunnel tests show that a CADEX Aero 4-Spoke Disc WheelSystem’s combination of a 50mm front and 65mm rear rim profile can surpass the aero performance of competitor disc wheel combinations in headwinds, while achieving lower side force drag in crosswinds.*

*Tests performed with CADEX Aero Tire. CADEX Aero Tire coming soon.


With its optimized composite engineering, the CADEX Aero 4-Spoke Disc WheelSystem achieves best-in-class stiffness and stiffness-to-weight ratios in both transmission and lateral stiffness. Combined with all-new CADEX Low Friction R3-C40 hub technology, the result is unrivaled power transfer and efficiency.


Featuring race-proven hookless technology and a wider 22.4mm inner rim width, the lab-tested combo of a 50mm front and 65mm rear rim affords maximum aero advantage and total control in crosswinds. Disc brakes further enhance confidence and power in all types of conditions.


CADEX Ceramic Bearings

Durable, ultra-hard ceramic bearings further increase hub rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance and 1.5x smoother action than steel bearings.

CADEX Hookless Rim Technology

A broad inner rim width and durable continuous carbon fiber structure create a rounder tire shape for superior grip and handling plus added sidewall support for cornering, all without compromising on weight.


CADEX R3-C40 Aero Hub

Aero optimized hub features 3rd generation CADEX Low-Friction internals with CADEX ceramic bearings and 40-tooth ratchet engagement.

Super Aero Rim Shape

Super Aero Rim Shape features wider external dimensionsfor a maximum aerodynamic advantage in the most common wind directions.