My name is Duke Agyapong. Pronouns, they/them. And I love riding bicycles. Previously a bike mechanic turned aspiring bike racer, bikes have played a huge part in my life for the last 10 years. They have taken me around the world and helped forge friendships that I'm very grateful for. The power of two wheels is immense.

TeamCADEX Ambassadors
HometownLondon, England
Where you live nowLondon, England
Main cycling disciplinesFixed gear, track cycling, gravel and road
What drew you to this type of ridingComing from fixed gear riding, there was nothing like trying to race against cars. Funny enough it's very similar to a criterium or the start of a cyclo-cross race. Finding comfort amidst the chaos.
Ideal training rideEighty miles with a lot of climbing. It means a lot of descending too! Ideally in Austria with sunny, warm weather, blue skies, smooth roads, dreamy.
How do you push through suffer sessionsBy remembering that the work I'm doing now will benefit me in the future. Having goals to reach help me focus.
Ideal raceCrystal Palace Crits in London. The course and atmosphere is unmatched. From local riders to World Tour. There’s always a very stacked field.
Favorite place to rideSan Francisco. Getting out of the city is pretty easy and once you hit the climbs the views are incredible! Plus wide roads are always a bonus. 
Career highlights (cycling or otherwise)None yet as they are yet to come! #keeptrying
What you bring on every ride (besides basic repair tools)These days, I make sure I bring a camera. You never know what you're going to see on new roads and trying to capture moments is a challenge in itself. Also having a friend with you, creating memories!
Favorite CADEX productEasily the CADEX race tire. It's grippy, fast and reliable! They give me extra confidence when cornering fast in a criterium.
Tips for aspiring racersConsistency is key!
Life mottoGive more than you take.