Cycling Weekly Calls CADEX 65 WheelSystem “Best of the Best”

Thursday 8 April 2021

Cycling Weekly published a review of the CADEX 65 Road WheelSystem, giving the superlight composite wheels a perfect 10/10 ranking and declaring them “the absolute best of the best” among pro-level road wheels.

Tester Josh Ross paired the CADEX 65 Road WheelSystem with a set of 28mm CADEX Race tires for the review, and described the advantages of the hookless rim technology and tires. “There are benefits to hookless technology pretty much no matter what angle you look at it from,” he wrote. “A hookless rim makes for a wider internal width without needing to make the external width wider. It also means better tubeless sealant performance and less possibility of a puncture in general.”
Ross also described the construction benefits of hookless rims, stating: “It’s stronger with less material.”
As for the tires, Ross was clearly impressed: “The CADEX Race tires are some of the best I’ve ever ridden,” he wrote. “They feel great and yet riding around a medium sized city in the spring I experienced no punctures. Everywhere I ride has broken glass and sharp gravel. Despite that, the tires look brand new and that’s the best I can hope for.”
Summing up his test, Ross concluded: “With a wheelset weight of only 1501 grams, the CADEX 65mm Road WheelSystem is light enough to be a climber specific wheel. Pair that with enough stiffness that they climb with the best of them and high-volume tires for comfort. It all adds up to one conclusion, make the CADEX 65mm WheelSystem your everyday wheel.”  
For more, check out the full review on the Cycling Weekly website.