Our common purpose at CADEX is the pursuit of pinnacle performance—both in product and athletic achievement. That purpose is guided by a belief: EFFORT IN. SPEED OUT. From our industry-leading engineers to our world champion athletes and teams, it’s a team effort with a shared mission.

It starts with a deeper exploration around the dynamics of the bike and rider in motion. Research leads to experimentation, and experimentation leads to cutting-edge technologies. The entire process—from wild ideas to prototypes, from manufacturing investments to real-world performance gains—is driven by this relentless pursuit.

EFFORT IN defines our commitment to designing and testing new concepts. It also speaks to the effort our athlete partners put in as they push CADEX products, and themselves, to the limit and beyond.

SPEED OUT is the culmination of these efforts. It’s the result of high-performance products inspiring riders to reach a higher level.

Join us in our pursuit of pinnacle performance—where effort becomes speed, and speed transforms the ride into something greater.


Before we design, engineer or develop a new component, we first go to great lengths to understand the dynamics of the rider and bike in motion. It’s not just about being lighter, stiffer or more aerodynamic, it’s about optimizing the way the components perform and interact with an athlete’s body movements.


Experimenting with next-generation ideas and production methods is a critical step in our pursuit of pinnacle performance. This is how we develop cutting-edge technologies that result in faster wheels. It’s the way we rethink handlebar construction for lighter weight and better performance, and how we find new ways to craft saddles for unparalleled support and compliance. These are just some of the ways we bring you the future.


CADEX components are subjected to the grueling efforts of Ironman triathlons, the stresses of three-week grand tours, and the harsh conditions of elite-level gravel racing. Our professional athletes push our pioneering new designs and technologies to extreme limits, ensuring that each product performs under the toughest conditions.