When every watt matters, the lightweight CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar leads from the front. With its innovative bar-and-stem construction, flattened tops, gently flared drops, and sleek internal cable routing, it delivers an aero advantage to help you slice through the wind.


Integrated bar-and-stem construction and sleek internal cable routing combine for exceptional aerodynamic performance. A narrow width at the hoods combined with a long 80mm reach naturally put the rider in an aero position, and a flattened top section reduces frontal area for wind-slicing efficiency.


A shallow 125mm drop makes changes in hand position smooth and seamless. A two-piece bar and stem layup featuring CADEX one-piece, no-bond manufacturing on the drops, hoods and tops uses T800 and T1100 carbon fiber to keep weight low and stiffness high for increased precision when cornering, descending, and sprinting.


A 3-degree flare adds stability and control while maintaining maximum aerodynamic efficiency. A subtle 2-degree backsweep and gently curving ramps enable a relaxed arm position and better grip for long days in the saddle.


Layup reforzado de precisión CADEX

El laminado reforzado con precisión CADEX coloca fibra de carbono de alta resistencia a la tracción solo donde se necesita, creando una estructura fuerte y rígida con un peso mínimo.

Construcción de moldes de una pieza

La construcción de una sola pieza, sin adherencia, utiliza fibra de carbono de alta calidad y una técnica de laminado de precisión que es similar al proceso utilizado para crear CADEX WheelSystems. El resultado es un manubrio súper fuerte y sensible con el mejor peso de su clase.