How do you make a road tire faster? You start with the essentials: improved premium compound for minimum rolling resistance and a fast tread pattern that also boosts cornering grip. The new CADEX Aero tire starts there and takes it one step further, improving the overall aero performance of your wheels with an integrated design that’s built for speed.


Extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel analysis were used to create a taller, oval-shaped profile with thin sidewalls and a thicker mid-section that forms a more streamlined, seamless interface with CADEX as well as other brand hookless aero rims. The result is a lab-tested aerodynamic advantage.


The thin sidewalls and thick middle section create an oval shaped profile for a narrow contact patch and lower rolling resistance. Combined with a slick center tread and the all-new, low rolling resistance RR-A compound with 15% higher rolling efficiency than the RR-S compound minimizes power loss and improves efficiency.


170 TPI CADEX Supple Race Casing and a new micro-file tread on the shoulder combine for a supple ride quality, cornering grip and effective water shedding. Proven Race Shield puncture protection adds long-haul security.


Protección Contra Ponchaduras Race Shield

Con un exclusivo material de Kevlar ultraligero y resistente a los cortes incorporado en la carcasa, Race Shield proporciona una protección superior contra ponchaduras sin comprometer la velocidad o la sensación de la carretera.

RR-A Compound

A state of the art silica-based tire compound for total speed. RR-A has decreased lower rolling resistance and boasts confident grip when cornering, especially in wet conditions.

Carcasa de Carrera Flexible (SRC)

La carcasa de carrera flexible de una sola capa (SRC) ofrece una conducción increíblemente flexible y cómoda con una eficiencia de rodadura superior con un peso súper bajo.