Daredevil descending and drifting through corners. Hammering flats and grinding up steep climbs. Gravel has it all, and cockpit control is everything. With a wide 16-degree flare, extended tails and a 5-degree backsweep, plus flattened tops for hand comfort, the new CADEX GX carbon handlebar delivers smooth-riding confidence to let it rip.


Progressive, gravel-ready shaping includes an extended 16-degree flare, 5-degree outsweep and 40mm tails The result is game-changing control while descending and cornering on rugged gravel terrain. The new D-shaped top section features an extended 5-degree backsweep for added compliance and comfort on long, challenging rides over rough ground.


A 70mm reach makes it easy to switch from the tops to the hoods for brake lever access. And a shallow 115mm drop lets you quickly move to a lower position for aero efficiency, cornering control and confidence when bombing descents.


One-piece mold construction increases tensile strength and eliminates the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars. Precision carbon T800 and T1100 carbon fiber lay-up further enhances weight savings, keeping the CADEX GX at an ultralight 190 grams for a 420mm bar.


CADEX D-Shaped Tops

D-Shaped tops add increased compliance and greater hand comfort for long rides over uneven surfaces

Layup reforzado de precisión CADEX

El laminado reforzado con precisión CADEX coloca fibra de carbono de alta resistencia a la tracción solo donde se necesita, creando una estructura fuerte y rígida con un peso mínimo.

Construcción de moldes de una pieza

La construcción de una sola pieza, sin adherencia, utiliza fibra de carbono de alta calidad y una técnica de laminado de precisión que es similar al proceso utilizado para crear CADEX WheelSystems. El resultado es un manubrio súper fuerte y sensible con el mejor peso de su clase.