With its smooth blend of speed, grip and durability, the new Race GC tubeless tire is everything a rider could ask for in a high-performance road tire. A super-supple casing uses fewer layers than the previous generation to better absorb road imperfections while also improving rolling efficiency.


A re-engineered 240 TPI Supple Race Casing absorbs road imperfections and increases rolling efficiency. Using fewer casing layers reduces friction with road surfaces, resulting in an 18 percent decrease in rolling resistance compared to the previous model. The next generation Race GC also uses the proven RR-S Compound for speed and grip


A reduction in casing layers results in a durable 279-gram tire that’s also protected by Race Shield cut-resistant Kevlar® material to resist punctures without compromising speed or road feel.


An improved Supple Race Casing means less tire deflection for better handling on rough surfaces. A redesigned tire profile with shallower sidewalls and protruded shoulders at the edges enhances stability when cornering and sprinting. And a slick center tread with a redesigned micro-profile tread on the shoulders improves speed without sacrificing grip.


Protección Contra Ponchaduras Race Shield

Con un exclusivo material de Kevlar ultraligero y resistente a los cortes incorporado en la carcasa, Race Shield proporciona una protección superior contra ponchaduras sin comprometer la velocidad o la sensación de la carretera.

Compuesto RR-S

Un compuesto de llantas de última generación a base de sílice para ciclistas de élite que exigen la máxima velocidad y agarre. En comparación con un compuesto de llantas de carretera estándar, RR-S tiene una resistencia a la rodadura significativamente menor y cuenta con un agarre notablemente mayor en las curvas, especialmente en mojado.

240 TPI Supple Race Casing

240TPI Supple Race Casing strategically places layers only where needed, ensuring an exceptionally supple and comfortable ride. This design optimizes rolling efficiency, all while maintaining an impressively low weight.