To win races and break world records, you start by shattering the status quo. That’s how Ironman World Champion Kristian Blummenfelt thinks, and that’s the driving force behind the all-new CADEX Aero 4-Spoke and Aero Disc WheelSystems. Engineered through exhaustive wind-tunnel analysis and proven in real-world triathlons, these are the fastest wheels ever created by CADEX.

Superlight and stiff carbon rims, shaped by exhaustive wind-tunnel data, slice through the air faster than any other wheel. The new R3-C40 aero hub with ceramic bearings reduces friction by up to 30 percent over the previous generation hub. And the hookless rims, with a 22.4mm inner width, create a seamless connection between the rims and tubeless tires for improved rolling resistance, increased sidewall support and better cornering grip.

It all adds up to world-beating aerodynamics, energy-saving efficiency, and total control in all conditions.


Both the CADEX Aero 4-Spoke and Aero Disc wheels are designed with aero rim shapes that were developed, tested and proven through extensive wind-tunnel analysis. Using a dynamic pedaling mannequin, CADEX engineers performed aerodynamic tests at multiple yaw angles to analyze wind drag. They used the sum of their collected data to create a rim shape that performs best in commonly encountered wind directions. This unique protocol, with consistent and repeated methodology, yields the best overall aero performance in real-world conditions.



  • One-piece 18K carbon fiber material provides multi-directional high-tensile strength. A reinforced lightweight foam plate, inserted between layers of carbon layup, further optimizes rim stiffness.


  • Featuring high-tolerance machining on the axles, reengineered internals, ceramic bearings and
    an all-new 40-tooth ratchet system, the CADEX R3-C40 hub reduces pedaling friction by 33 percent and coasting friction by 31.5 percent without compromising strength or durability.


The all-new Aero 4-Spoke and Aero Disc wheels have been redesigned with CADEX signature rim technologies that guarantee better efficiency and increased control.


  • A hookless bead and wide 22.4mm inner rim width boost overall wheel strength and create a rounder, more uniform tire shape with increased sidewall support and a wider, shorter contact patch. This minimizes rolling resistance and produces a smoother ride quality.


  • Tubeless tires allow riders to run lower tire pressures, so the tires conform better to the road. This results in better efficiency, less rider fatigue, increased comfort and improved control under tough conditions.


  • Disc brakes create a more aero profile by lowering side force drag. They also deliver more powerful, consistent braking performance.