CADEX Race Integrated Handlebar


At just 256 grams for a 420mm x 100mm bar, the CADEX Race Integrated Handlebar is purpose built for long, hilly days when every gram matters and comfort counts. A 72mm reach and 125mm drops make for smooth and natural transitions as an 11 degree flare increases control. Internal cable routing cleans up the cockpit and improves aerodynamics. With 16 different sizes and two cockpit configurations, it’s easy to dial in a perfect fit for every rider.
Current price: 599 €


  • T800 and T1100 carbon fiber layup offers ultralight weight without compromising on strength and stiffness.
  • One-piece, no-bond manufacturing on the drops, hoods and tops utilizes CADEX precision layup technique to eliminate the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars.
  • 72mm reach provides a swift transition between the tops and hoods for added control when switching hand positions.
  • 125mm shallow drops for quick and easy movement from the hoods to the drops.
  • 11-degree flare for total control when sprinting, attacking and descending.
  • Narrower position at the hoods combines with wider drops for watt-saving efficiency and control.
  • Integrated bar-and-stem construction and internal cable routing for improved aerodynamic performance.
  • Out-front computer mount included.
  • Compatible with 1-1/8” or OverDrive Aero steerer tubes depending on model.


Material: Carbon
Stem Angle: -10 degrees
Stem Clamp: 1 1/8”, OverDrive Aero (depending on model)
Stem Length: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140mm
Width (Drop to Drop): 360 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 440mm
Width (Hood to Hood): 340 / 360 / 370 / 390 / 410mm
Drop: 125mm (120mm for 360 / 380mm bar)
Reach: 72mm (68mm for 360 / 380mm bar)
Flare: 11 degrees for 400 / 420/ 440mm bar 8 degrees for 360/380 bar
Weight: 256g (420mm x 100mm bar)
Included Accessories: 1 1/8” stem : 1 1/8” spacer, CADEX out-front computer mount OverDrive Aero stem: OverDrive Aero spacer, CADEX out-front computer mount
Intended Usage


CADEX One Piece Mold Manufacturing

One-piece, no-bond manufacturing utilizes high-grade carbon fiber and CADEX precision layup technique to eliminate the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars.

Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.

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