Clock a new PR, go for the KOM, crush a long solo mission on challenging roads. No goal is out of reach with the versatile CADEX 36 WheelSystem.

Superlight carbon rims feature an innovative hookless design with optimal 22.4mm internal width and 36mm rim depth for unrivaled acceleration, efficiency and smooth-riding control, even on rough roads and in gusty winds.

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The CADEX 36 WheelSystem is a versatile, lightweight composite wheel built for real-world performance. Featuring a hookless rim design with optimal 22.4mm internal width and 36mm depth, it delivers unbeatable acceleration and climbing efficiency as well as confident handling on descents, in the wind and on varied terrain.


Custom-engineered Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) delivers remarkable acceleration as reinforced carbon lay-up and high-tensile strength carbon aero spokes provide a transmission stiffness-to-weight ratio that’s 40 percent or more higher than the Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless, Bontrager AEOLUS RSL 37 and Roval Alpinist CLX wheels, which means real-world gains on climbs and in the sprints.


Superlight and stiff carbon spokes minimize wheel flex for a lateral stiffness-to-weight ratio that’s over 30 percent better than the Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless, Roval Alpinist CLX wheels and Bontrager AEOLUS RSL 37, while the CADEX low friction R1-C30 hub helps maximize watts by featuring ceramic bearings that boast 1.5x smoother action than steel.


Hookless rim design and a wide 22.4mm inner rim width provide greater support for today’s high-volume tires, as class-leading lateral stiffness and a 36mm rim depth deliver outstanding control while cornering and descending, or in gusty winds.


Aero Carbon Spokes

High tensile-strength CADEX aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing and feature a purpose designed aero shape offering excellent aerodynamic characteristics as well as superior stability in shifting winds, all at the lightest weight possible.

CADEX Ceramic Bearings

Durable, ultra-hard ceramic bearings further increase hub rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance and 1.5x smoother action than steel bearings.

CADEX Hookless Rim Technology

A broad inner rim width and durable continuous carbon fiber structure create a rounder tire shape for superior grip and handling plus added sidewall support for cornering, all without compromising on weight.


Custom-Tuned DBL Technology

Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology sets spokes at a wider bracing angle and for the same tension level under pedaling force, producing a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.

Low-Friction Hub

Precision machined internals eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimize rolling resistance.

Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.