Engineered for rough roads, gravel and dirt, and built ultralight for unmatched climbing speed and acceleration, the custom-tuned CADEX AR 35 Disc WheelSystem delivers a competitive edge for your all-road ambitions. The rims feature a wide inner width and hookless bead for maximum strength and smooth handling. The innovative 60-tooth ratchet freehub delivers instant reactivity. And ultrasmooth CADEX ceramic bearings keep you rolling with speed, making the most of your energy output start to finish.



A new precision machined hub features a durable flat spring and exclusive 60-tooth ratchet driver for instant engagement that reacts in milliseconds. Ultrasmooth ceramic bearings further improve responsiveness for incredibly efficient climbing, accelerating and sprinting. High-tensile-strength carbon spokes and Dynamic Balanced Lacing even out spoke tension under pedaling forces and boost lateral stiffness. A best-in-class stiffness-to-weight ratio results in maximum power transfer.


A hookless bead and 25mm inner rim width create a rounder, more uniform tire shape that increases sidewall support for cornering and creates a wider, shorter contact patch. This minimizes rolling resistance and improves impact absorption for a smoother ride quality. The wide inner rim width also better supports high volume 28-45mm road and gravel tires, allowing for lower tire pressures and more confident handling in variable conditions.


The AR 35 Disc combines the stronger, more consistent carbon fiber structure of hookless rim technology with precision reinforced carbon lay-up. As a result, the rims boast the same impact resistance as an XC mountain bike wheel at an ultralight 1270g for the pair.


The AR 35 WheelSystem achieves two breakthrough improvements in hub technology over previous generation CADEX wheels. The R2-C60 rear hub features the all-new, CADEX-exclusive R-Drive 60-tooth ratchet freehub and flattened coil spring that combine lightweight speed, durable efficiency and instant engagement. The new front hub also features an integrated axle design to eliminate play and maximize lateral stiffness.


Aero Carbon Spokes

Высокопрочные спицы CADEX aero из карбона сводят к минимуму поперечный прогиб для более эффективного ускорения и подъема и имеют специально разработанную аэродинамическую форму, обеспечивающую превосходные аэродинамические характеристики, а также превосходную стабильность при переменном ветре при минимально возможном весе.

CADEX Hookless Rim Technology

Технология обода без крюка CADEX, отличающаяся широкой внутренней шириной обода и прочной структурой из углеродного волокна, помогает создать более округлую форму шины для превосходного сцепления и управляемости, а также дополнительную поддержку боковины для прохождения поворотов.

CADEX Integrated-Axle Front Hub

An integrated front hub design reinforces axle support and eliminates play by replacing the standard end cap, bearing and bushing interface with an integrated axle running the length of the hub. This increases thru-axle support and boosts the lateral stiffness of the entire structure.

CADEX R-Drive Freehub System

With anodized hub internals to enhance durability and a redesigned anti-dust cover for maximum longevity, the R-Drive Freehub System offers a 60-point ratchet tooth and optimized spring design. The result is immediate, efficient power transmission and uncompromised reliability.

Индивидуально настроенная технология DBL

Технология Dynamic Balanced Lacing устанавливает спицы с более широким углом наклона и таким же уровнем натяжения при нажатии на педали, создавая более жесткое и эффективное колесо с превосходной передачей мощности.

Precision Reinforced Layup

При армировании CADEX углеродное волокно с высокой прочностью на разрыв размещается только там, где это необходимо, создавая прочную жесткую структуру обода при минимальном весе.