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CADEX AR 35 Disc Tubeless

A hookless bead and precision reinforced carbon layup create an exceptionally strong structure with best-in-class weight. A 25mm inner rim width produces a more uniform tire shape and better handling. The innovative 60-tooth ratchet freehub and ultrasmooth ceramic bearings deliver a responsive feel, while high-tensile-strength carbon spokes and Dynamic Balanced Lacing boost lateral stiffness. It all adds up to class-leading speed, efficiency and durability for superior all-road performance. UCI & ITU Approved
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  • Hookless rim technology offers XC-level impact resistance by providing
    a more consistent carbon fiber structure at the rim wall. It also creates a
    rounder tire shape for better grip and sidewall support when cornering.
  • Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed,
    creating a super strong and lightweight rim.
  • 25mm inner width and hookless rim construction offer a shorter, wider
    tire contact patch for reduced power loss and increased impact absorption.
  • A wide inner width supports higher volume 28–45mm road and gravel
    tires, allowing lower tire pressures and more confident handling.
  • High-tensile-strength, ultralight CADEX carbon spokes and precision
    reinforced carbon lay-up combine for class-leading stiffness-to-weight.
  • Custom tuned Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology sets spokes at a
    wider bracing angle and evens out tension under pedaling force, producing
    a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.
  • CADEX ceramic bearings offer 1.5x smoother action than steel.
  • Lightweight CADEX R2-C60 hub with R-Drive features a DLC 60-tooth
    ratchet driver, durable flat spring and redesigned dust cover for instant
    engagement and long-lasting efficiency.
  • Integrated front hub design reinforces axle support and eliminates play
    by replacing end cap, bearing and bushing interface with an integrated
    axle running the length of the hub.


Rim Material
Rim Type
Hookless Clincher
CADEX Tubeless System (rim tape and valve included)
Suggested Tire Size
700 x 28C – 700 x 45C
Rim Height
Rim Outer Width
Rim Inner Width
Front Hub
CADEX R2-C60 Hub, Centerlock
Rear Hub
CADEX R2-C60 Hub, 60T Ratchet Driver, Centerlock
Freehub System
Hub Compatibility
CADEX Ceramic Bearings
Front Axle
100x12 Thru Axle
Rear Axle
142x12 Thru Axle
Spokes (Front)
Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Front)
Spokes (Rear)
Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Rear)
Nipple Type
2 Years
Incident Replacement
5 years (registered original owner)
Weight (Pair)
Intended Usage


Hookless Rim Design

Omogoča najboljši prehod pretoka iz pnevmatike na stransko steno platišča, kar ima za posledico zmanjšano aerodinamično izgubo v primerjavi s standardnimi platišči kljuke, poleg tega pa ima neprekinjeno strukturo iz ogljikovih vlaken, ki povečuje splošno trajnost.

Aero Carbon Spoke

Namensko oblikovana oblika aero ponuja odlične aerodinamične lastnosti, vrhunsko stabilnost pri premikanju vetrov in najlažjo možno težo.

Custom-Tuned DBL Technology

Dinamično uravnoteženo vezanje zagotavlja, da so napere nastavljene za optimalno napetost, kadar so pod dinamično silo pedaliranja v primerjavi s statičnimi, kar ima za posledico vrhunsko togost in učinkovitost prenosa.

CADEX R-Drive Freehub System

With anodized hub internals to enhance durability and a redesigned anti-dust cover for maximum longevity, the R-Drive Freehub System offers a 60-point ratchet tooth and optimized spring design. The result is immediate, efficient power transmission and uncompromised reliability.

CADEX Integrated-Axle Front Hub

An integrated front hub design reinforces axle support and eliminates play by replacing the standard end cap, bearing and bushing interface with an integrated axle running the length of the hub. This increases thru-axle support and boosts the lateral stiffness of the entire structure.

Precision Reinforced Lay-Up

Ogljikova vlakna z visoko natezno trdnostjo in visoka Tg smola so okrepljena na najpomembnejših točkah za togost vodenja v industriji, skladnost vožnje in trdnost brez nepotrebne teže.

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