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Push your limits on rough roads, gravel and variable terrain. Maintain total control on white-knuckle descents and technical corners. The all-new CADEX AR handlebar combines exclusive geometry and innovative one-piece construction to give you maximum confidence at an ultra-light weight.

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No road is too rough, no route too hard. From grueling races over variable surfaces and mixed terrain, to mega training days into the unknown, this superlight yet ultra-strong composite handlebar sets a new standard for high-performance all-road riding. Ergonomic shaping, a subtle backsweep, and an 8-degree flare deliver full control for climbing, sprinting and hammering all roads, all day long.


Versatile Contact Position drops feature an 8-degree flare, 3-degree outsweep and extended 40mm tails for better handling while descending, cornering or sprinting on rough roads or varied terrain. The tops are shaped with a subtle 3-degree backsweep to keep your hands in an ergonomically correct position for maximum comfort on long days and endless climbs.


A 70mm reach allows smooth transitions from the tops to the hoods for quick brake lever access. A shallow 115mm drop lets you quickly switch to a lower position for total control when you hit the sprint, take a corner, or bomb the descent.


One-piece mold construction increases tensile strength and eliminates the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars. Precision carbon fiber lay-up further enhances weight savings, keeping the CADEX AR bar under 200g—more than 50g lighter than key competitor bars.


One Piece Mold Manufacturing

One-piece, no-bond manufacturing utilizes high-grade carbon fiber and a precision layup technique that’s similar to the process used to create CADEX WheelSystems. The result is a super strong, responsive handlebar with best-in-class weight.

Versatile Contact Position (VCP) Drops

8- degree flare with 3-degree outsweep, plus extended 40mm tails for maximum stability and control in all riding conditions.