Big Buzz for New CADEX 50 Ultra Disc and Aero Tires

27 січня 2023 р.

The new CADEX 50 Ultra Disc WheelSystem and Aero Tubeless tires have caught the attention of cycling media around the world.

The CADEX 50 Ultra Disc wheels are designed for aerodynamic efficiency while also providing stability and control in all conditions. From the 50mm aero profile to the lightweight carbon construction, bladed carbon spokes and new aero R3-C40 rear hub, the wheels have proven fastest in their category through extensive wind-tunnel testing.
Alongside the new wheels, the CADEX Aero Tubeless tire delivers significant reduction in rolling resistance and aerodynamic advantages. A taller, oval-shaped profile with thinner sidewalls and thicker mid-sections forms a more streamlined, seamless interface with CADEX and other hookless aero rims. The result is a tire that has superior, lab-tested aerodynamic advantages.
Numerous media outlets have taken notice and published reviews on the latest additions to the CADEX range, focusing on their cutting-edge innovations and performance enhancement on the road.

Dan Chabonov, test editor for Bicycling Magazine, conducted extensive testing on the wheels and came to this conclusion: "The performance of these wheels can best be described as addictive. They are noticeably lighter than comparable deep disc brake wheels, and they get quite close to some of the dedicated climbing wheels as well. But as with other CADEX wheels, their superpower is stiffness. The CADEX 50 Ultras accelerate like no other wheels out there. These wheels simply feel incredible." 
CyclingNews technical editor Josh Ross gave the CADEX 50 Ultras a near-perfect 4.5 rating (out of 5), praising their low weight and superb performance: “The CADEX 50 Ultra Disc is faster than a 65mm wheelset and one of the lightest wheelsets available today… If you are looking for a wheel that breaks boundaries and does it all, these are worth checking out.”

Ross also highlighted the CADEX 50 Ultra Disc in his 2022 Gear of the Year feature. "The 22.4mm internal width is one of the wider road wheels out there and that makes them as comfortable as they are light and fast," he wrote. "It doesn't hurt that the spokes are a visual work of art and the super loud hub is still onboard. This is the wheelset that lets you have your cake and eat it too."

Slowtwitch editor Dan Empfield was equally impressed with the new CADEX 50 Ultra wheels, noting that,“Beyond the light weight they’re just exceptionally strong, stiff wheels, obviously [designed] with aero in mind.”
Empfield also had high praise for the new tires, noting that, “When I put this tire on the wheel it airs up easily—not always the case on a hookless system when the tire is this narrow and the wheel is this wide.”
Over at, staff writer Jordan Villella revealed that, “The CADEX 50 Ultra has sensations of a much lighter wheel spinning up the climbs but a deeper wheel on the rollers—like an extra gear. The wheels expertly carry speed, especially noted on twisting descents. I felt like I wasn’t losing time in corners but gaining; the stiff sensation of the wheel preserves momentum.”
Cycling Weekly’s Kristin Jenny highlighted the CADEX 50 Ultra’s proprietary Dynamic Balanced Lacing: “The leverage angle has been moved from the center of the hub to the outside of the rim, reducing energy expended on the ‘pushing’ spoke and increasing it on the ‘pulling’ spoke, meaning that significantly less power is lost per pedal stroke.”
Jenny also gave high marks for the aerodynamic-enhancing seamless interface between wheel and tire: “The Aero Tubeless [tire] takes on an ovular shape when installed and inflated. This helps the tire maintain an entirely svelte aerodynamic profile, with no tire 'spillage' over the edges of the rim.”
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