Rave Reviews for New CADEX 36 WheelSystem!

30 листопада 2021 р.

The reviews are rolling in for the new CADEX 36 WheelSystem, with top gear editors giving the high-performance all-rounder road wheel high praise and perfect 5-star ratings.

The CADEX 36 WheelSystem is engineered with superlight carbon rims featuring an innovative hookless design and optimal 22.4mm inner width. A 36mm rim depth makes this wheel a versatile option for efficient climbing and acceleration, even on rough roads and in gusty winds.

In its review, Bicycling Magazine claimed, “The CADEX 36 is a dream wheelset.” Matt Phillips, senior test editor for Bicycling, highlighting the innovative technologies and how those features translate to performance on the road. 
The high-performance feel starts with the superlight weight of just over 1300g. “That’s really light considering this is a disc-brake, tubeless wheelset," Phillips wrote. "But it’s not just a light wheelset: It’ stiff too. The stiffness comes from the carbon spokes. Carbon is more resistant to elongation than a steel spoke, so there’s less stretch when the wheel takes a load, and the carbon spokes take higher tensions than a steel spoked wheel also.”
As for the ride quality, Phillips wrote: “Though stiff, these wheels offer a brilliant ride—compliant and very damped. It’s so crisp and reactive feeling, so quick, and so smooth.”
Other testers had similar experiences. “From the first burst of power it was immediately apparent that these wheels felt different,” wrote CyclingTips editor Dave Rome. “That stiffness effectively transforms the bike into something that feels more reactive, faster handling, and with better accuracy.”

CyclingNews gave the wheelset a perfect 5-star rating and called it "a light, stiff wheel that brings much of the performance from a deep wheel with more versatility."

Here’s a roundup of CADEX 36 reviews from top cycling publications. 
Bicycling Magazine

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