The climbers and GC riders of Team Jayco AlUla demand everything from a wheel. Efficient power transfer, aerodynamics, and, above all else, ultralight weight. Enter the new Max 40, the lightest WheelSystem ever from CADEX. A unique hub design featuring bladed carbon spokes integrated with thin aero flanges is combined with superlight, 40mm carbon rims to deliver best in-class stiffness-to-weight. The choice for the pros can be your choice too with an integrated design that’s built for speed.




Independently tensionable CADEX Super Aero carbon spokes are seamlessly integrated into thin aero hub flanges to deliver maximum power transfer. Dynamic Balanced Lacing sets the spokes at a wider bracing angle, which stabilizes spoke tension levels under pedaling force to deliver best-in-class stiffness and make the most of every last watt of your pedaling power.


An optimized carbon layup strategically places high-tensile-strength carbon fiber only where needed at the rim. Super Aero bladed carbon spokes are integrated with ultralight carbon hub flanges to further minimize weight, bringing the Max 40 to just 1249 grams for the set. The superlight weight combined with high lateral and transmission stiffness puts the Max 40 ahead of key competitors in stiffness-to-weight tests.


A 40mm hookless carbon rim hits the sweet spot for optimal aerodynamic gains without adding weight or sacrificing stability in crosswinds. The cleanly integrated Super Aero carbon bladed spokes and thin aero hub flanges further minimize drag. And a generous 22.4mm inner rim width creates a seamless interface between the rim wall and tire sidewall for a more aero profile to help you slice through the wind.


CADEX Ceramic Bearings

Durable, ultra-hard ceramic bearings further increase hub rolling efficiency with lower rolling resistance and 1.5x smoother action than steel bearings.

CADEX Hookless Rim Technology

A broad inner rim width and durable continuous carbon fiber structure create a rounder tire shape for superior grip and handling plus added sidewall support for cornering, all without compromising on weight.


Custom-Tuned DBL Technology

Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology sets spokes at a wider bracing angle and for the same tension level under pedaling force, producing a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.

Integrated Hub Design

One-piece aero hub and spoke design, where CADEX Super Aero Carbon Spokes are seamlessly bonded straight into the aero hub flange, forming a one-piece structure with the hub. This integrated configuration hides the nipples into the rim, while ensuring independent tension tuneability.

Precision Reinforced Layup

CADEX precision reinforced layup places high tensile strength carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff structure at minimal weight.

CADEX R3-C48 Aero Hub

Precision machined 48 tooth ratchet hub with CADEX Ratchet Wave Spring offers ultra-fast engagement, reduces aerodynamic loss and virtually eliminates bearing load as ultra-smooth, low-rolling resistance CADEX ceramic bearings further reduce watt loss.

In-mold Carbon Surface Graphic Technology

Advanced carbon molding technology allows fine rim surface finishing treatment directly within the mold, elminating the need for additional carbon treatment or decals.

CADEX Super Aero Carbon Spokes

Ultra-lightweight high tensile-strength CADEX aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing and feature a purpose designed aero shape offering class-leading aerodynamic characteristics as well as superior stability in shifting winds.