CADEX 36 Wheels + Classic Tires

The CADEX 36 WheelSystem is a versatile, lightweight, composite wheel built for real-world performance. Paired with the CADEX Classic Tubeless tires, they deliver unbeatable acceleration and climbing efficiency as well as confident handling on descents, in the wind and on varied terrain. The purchase of a CADEX 36 WheelSystem set now includes a complimentary set of CADEX 25c Classic Tubeless tires.

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CADEX AR 35 Wheels + AR Tires

The CADEX AR 35 WheelSystem, built with a hookless bead and precision reinforced carbon layup create an exceptionally strong structure with best-in-class weight. When equipped with the CADEX AR Tubeless tires, they deliver class-leading speed, efficiency and durability for superior all-road performance. The purchase of a CADEX AR 35 WheelSystem set now includes a complimentary set of CADEX 40c AR Tubeless tires.

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From WheelSystems and tires to saddles, CADEX products deliver pinnacle performance under the most demanding conditions.

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It’s a mission. An obsession. A collaborative effort to ignore limitations, think differently and create the next generation of ultra-performance cycling components.

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