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Slowtwitch: Did CADEX Create "The Wheel of the Future?"

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

In a review titled “The Modern WheelSystem,” Slowtwitch.com published an in-depth analysis of CADEX WheelSystem technology. Publisher Dan Empfield tested a mix of CADEX 42 and 65 Disc wheels on the road, taking a close look at the innovative hookless rim technology.

In his review, Empfield, an engineer and designer himself as well as an experienced competitor in elite level triathlons, was interested in the impact that CADEX innovations might have in the cycling industry. “There’s something a little more going on here,” he wrote. “Is this the wheel of the future?”
To get a sense of strength and durability, Empfield rode his test wheels in some rugged situations. “I thought I’d see if this aero road wheel held up to some challenging gravel riding, and it does,” he wrote. “This doesn’t surprise me because of how the wheel is designed and I’ve been writing about that for a couple of months now.”
In conclusion, Empfield wrote that the design and performance of CADEX wheels could have a lasting impact on the sport. “This is a fun brand,” he wrote. “Distinct from the typical wheel brand; and as they say nowadays, watch this space.”

For more, check out the full review at Slowtwitch.com.