BikeRadar Calls CADEX 42 WheelSystem "Devastatingly Rapid"

Tuesday, 06 October 2020

BikeRadar reviewed the new CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem, detailing some of the key technologies that set them apart from the competition and praising their performance on the road.

Warren Rossiter, Senior Technical Editor Road for BikeRadar, gave the lightweight composite WheelSystem high marks, rating them 4.5 stars on the publication's 5-star scale.
“These are among the stiffest wheels I’ve ever tried,”  Rossiter wrote. “Drop your shoulders and lay them into a corner and on exit the bike wants to stand up, forge ahead and go straight. At first it feels odd but when it clicks the 42s are devastatingly rapid.”
Rossiter wrote that he is especially impressed with the boost the CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem provides on climbs.
“The lack of mass is most telling when you get to the hills,” he wrote. “A light set of wheels is a boon to any climbing task but combine lightness with the solidity of the 42s and it’s an amazing feeling, as if every ounce of your energy is finding its way to the tyre’s contact patch.”
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